American Pit Bull Terrier
Breed Description

Known for there intelligence and Loyalty
american pit bull terriers make excellent
companions loving and protective
companions. Despite the unfair press they
receive. A common Question regarding the
APBT is "How is this Breed different from
the American Staffordshire Terrier?" In
the eyes of the united kennel Club they
are the same breed. But many disagree .
Some AKC registered American
Staffordshire are dual registered as
American Pit Bulls with the UKC. Although
this gets criticism from many that point
out the blood lines have been separate for
too long to be considered the same breed.
The AKC on the other hand does not allow
the UKC American pit bull terrier to be
registered as an American Staffordshire
Terrier. To be dual registered the dogs
must first be AKC registered and then it
can be registered UKC but not vice versa.
 Height should be 18-22 inches, Weight
45-60 pounds. Any color is OK  thick,
short, and shiny hair. They are
courageous, loyal and full of energy.
Should be socialized early with children
and other animals.
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Breeding since 1999 in North Carolina between the beautiful Carolina Mountains and the Breath
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exclusively breed  UKC standard show quality pit bulls, AKC AM staffs and Clean,Correct ABKC
American bullies coming directly from the foundation Bully stock. While my breeding practice
started in 1999. I have been a pit bull owner even longer. Seeing the rise of the American bully.
I have accepted them as a specialty breed now and keep my breeding practises seperate. The
UKC standard is completely different than the bully standard of today. I still breed the standard
for UKC show quality pit bulls and breed correct bully style for the Bullies.  You will never see
over done dogs or dogs with bad feet, bow legs, kink tails, bad bites, overly aggressive or
uneven temperment.  Breeding only the best of the best is how we stay on top.  feel free to
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American Bully Breed

The American Bully is a breed established
in the mid 1990’s with the purpose of
creating the ultimate family companion.
The breed is a combination of the desired
traits of the American Pit Bull Terrier and
the American Staffordshire Terrier
achieved through years of selective
breeding. The American Bully breed
possesses the loyalty and stability of the
American Pit Bull Terrier while retaining
the sociable, amiable, and outgoing
temperament of the American
Staffordshire Terrier breed. This unique
breed is noted for displaying
extreme tolerance toward children and an
overwhelming eagerness to please its family.
Confident, yet not aggressive, this breed
is all in all of a pleasant temperament.
Physically, the American Bully has a
graceful yet impressive, solid, defined,
athletic build that is both muscular and
toned, and denotes strength as well as
agility. It is a breed capable and
diverse in all tasks and abilities. The
American Bully is a well rounded, reliable,
trustworthy, and all around ideal family